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Mosho Investigative Group website design process | Jenn Wells Design

The Client

Mosho Investigative Group needed a new website design. The old one was outdated and incomplete, and MIG’s owner was looking for something that would better showcase his services. He was also looking for a more professional feel, the ability to handle future maintenance on his own, and a method to create password-protected pages.

Design Process

WordPress to the rescue! The majority of my websites are custom designed and not based on a template, but in this case, WordPress was the obvious answer. While the user interface takes a little bit of practice to adjust to, it’s much, much simpler than learning HTML and CSS.

Website Design Ideas

Because Mosho Investigative Group already had a logo and some general branding, we dove straight into website design mockups. I came up with 3 concepts, based on WordPress templates. The client and I discussed the option of simplifying MIG’s logo, so each version uses a slightly different adaptation.

Website design idea 1
Website design idea 2
Website design idea 3


Website design revision

As is often the case, the client requested a combination of elements from versions 1 and 2. We tweaked the icons and details until he was happy with the look and then moved from design to web. I built a test version of the site under my own hosting account so the client could preview and test before making any permanent changes to his web hosting account.

Final Website Design

Mosho Investigative Group final website design

After testing the functionality of the design prototype, MIG’s owner made a couple small changes and then we finalized. The last step was to set up WordPress on his hosting account, import the design (and in some areas recreate), and deploy!

In this particular case, the client was new to WordPress so I also ran a short tutorial session. We went over the particulars of his site design, how to edit and create new pages, and how to create private pages for sensitive client information. In total, about a one hour process.

View the final project here:

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