Client Spotlight – Aurora Estella Doula Services Logo

Aurora Estella Design Process | Jenn Wells Design

The Client

Rachel came to me wanting to brand her new doula business entirely from scratch. We discussed her mission statement and target market – to make doula services available to everyone, including younger moms-to-be and those with a lower income. And then we talked visuals – what fonts and colors she likes, hates, or thinks would best represent her business, and what kind of feel she wanted the business to have. We decided to aim for something a little warmer and more comfortable to reinforce her goal of accessibility.

Branding Elements

Initial brainstorming for Aurora Estella Doula Services logo | Jenn Wells Design


Rachel specifically asked for blues and purples, and they worked well for this purpose. What was challenging was her request to avoid making it look too mystical or “new age-y” since deep blues and purples do give off that feel. I experimented with a wide range of purples and blues to see which ones would give it a more pragmatic look.


We wanted to find something that would feel elegant but still inviting so I tried to pick toned down script and decorative fonts. Then I paired these more eye-catching fonts with clean, simple sans serif fonts.


Rachel mentioned the moon and stars as part of her vision of the design, so I tried to play with the idea of a moon and a pregnant belly. (Not too hard considering a maternity shirt I was gifted last year with the phrase, “That’s no moon!”) I also included more general maternity elements and some color shading reminiscent of the Northern Lights for the “Aurora” part of the business name.

Design Process

First Round of Designs

First round of designs for Aurora Estella Doula Services logo | Jenn Wells Design

The first round ended up being rather eclectic since we were pulling from so many different sources of inspiration. Rachel immediately homed in on the hand graphic from number 5 and then we refined from there.


Revisions for Aurora Estella Doula Services logo | Jenn Wells Design

The revisions were mostly just playing around with the colors and spacing from number 5.

Final Logo

Final design for Aurora Estella Doula Services logo | Jenn Wells Design

One final set of tweaks to get the contrast just right and we were done! Rachel’s currently in the process of building her own site, with the help of the branding guide I provide with every logo, but I’ll add a link when that’s finished so you can check her out!

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