Doing Business the UN-Businesslike Way

Blog Title: Doing Business the Un-Businesslike Way

We live in a world of cold calls, automatic email subscriptions with every purchase, and formal networking events fraught with the frenzied collection of business cards.  We’re told that the “new, exciting” way to do business is really just the way we’ve always done business, but with higher confidence, savvier tactics, more pizzazz.

Ramit Sethi is a great resource for this type of business success.  In his blog, books, or workshops, advice can be found for scripting the perfect responses, handling negotiations, providing exactly the right amount of information at the right times.  And his success is proof that this style of business can and does work.


Turning Down a Client – for Service Based Businesses

Blog Title - when to let a client go

In the world of small business, it can seem almost criminal to send away a potential customer.  And it can be all too tempting to accept work, any work, based on your financial needs rather than the project itself.  But there are times when it’s better for everyone, including the client, when you don’t.


You Should Sell Your Work on Fiverr – A Freelancer’s Dilemma

Blog Title: the pros and cons of selling templates

Today I’m going to talk about something most entrepreneurs can relate to: trying to convince others of the value of your work.  And, more importantly, convincing yourself.

Lately I’ve had a couple of kind and well-meaning clients suggest I sell my work on Etsy or Fiverr.  They’ve had a couple of great purchases there and you can sell a lot of stuff through those sites because they’re popular, which is fantastic!  But here’s the problem: similar designs on Etsy are $15 or $10.  On Fiverr things are sold for only $5.

The Problem with Fiverr (and Etsy)

In theory this is great for the customer.  Why pay more if you don’t have to?  But as a designer, how on earth can I justify hours of my time for $5 or even $15?  If I want to have enough money to live somewhere and eat food every day, I really can’t.

And my customers can’t afford it either.  My clients come to me expecting custom design.  Something unique, designed for their specific projects and needs.  If I were to charge Etsy or Fiverr prices, I’d be scrambling to get everything done as quickly as possible and the quality of work I’d be churning out would be atrocious, or I’d have to resort to using templated designs with minimal alterations per customer.