• Hey there, Change-Maker!

    You want to make the world a better place. You’ve got a message to share, community to support, or funds to raise. Now you need help making those goals a reality.

    Schedule a discovery session to learn how strategic design can support your goals and be a catalyst for change.

    P.S. Jenn Wells Design is joining forces with Tapp Network, but you can still work with me! I just have a different title and access to more awesome marketing resources that we can use to accomplish your goals. Let’s chat.

    Yes! Let’s design my strategy.

Hey there, Change-Maker!

You want to make the world a better place. You’ve got a message to share, community to support, or funds to raise. Now you need help making those goals a reality.

Schedule a discovery session to learn how strategic design can support your goals and be a catalyst for change.

What do nonprofit executive directors and ethical business owners have in common?

They want to change the world and they’re busy.

Whatever title you give yourself, chances are you wear too many hats. How many hats is too many? Whatever number takes you away from doing meaningful work.

Hand over some of those roles, like website technician, branding expert, and art director, so we can both do the work we love.

Working with Me Will…

  • Free up more of your time to do the work
  • Decrease the stress of trying to do it all and be on top of everything
  • Support your goals with customizable and strategic solutions
  • Leave you with more clarity for future projects


Working in a nonprofit can feel like a thankless task. You’re always working towards a goal that might be impossible to accomplish. But each of those milestones is a victory, and the journey is one worth taking. You need a designer who can:

  • Build a website that speaks to donors, volunteers, AND constituents
  • Help you solve the identity crisis between your board’s mission statement and how you explain your mission day-to-day
  • Create a polished online persona that helps you draw in donors and win grants

Business Owners

You want to build a business you love that embodies your core values. But sometimes those values feel completely at odds with bringing in a profit. Choosing which areas to compromise on, and deciding how to combine your ethics with business is a unique challenge. You need a designer who can:

  • Help you establish a brand that showcases your business ethics
  • Create marketing pieces that stay true to your values
  • Build a website that actively works towards your goals


What do you value most: impact, time, or money? I’ve talked to my clients about their needs and resources and developed solutions to fit different scenarios!

Icon with people and gears symbolizing planning

Branding Packages (Impact)

You don’t want just another logo/website/banner. You want to build a strategic brand that makes sense for your organization and goals. A branding package might be right for you if:

  • You value quality and impact
  • You have the resources to put into a well-developed brand
  • You’re ready to take serious steps towards growth!
Icon with person and laptop symbolizing isolated work projects

À la Carte Services (Time)

You’ve got a ton of work on your plate. You can create that brochure or figure out how to update the website, but you’re not sure that’s the best use of your time. If that sounds like you, talk to me about:

  • Logo design
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Flyers, brochures, and print design
  • Banners, table throws, and event design
Icon with computer equipment coming out of stack of books to indicate learning tech and design skills

DIY Design (Money)

You would love to hire someone, but you’re just getting started and budget is still an issue. Maybe you even enjoy tackling the creative projects, but need to get up to speed quickly. DIY Design might be a good solution if:

  • You’re comfortable following instructions and experimenting to figure something out
  • You enjoy learning new skills
  • You have the time to invest in the learning process

Common Concerns

If you’re anything like me, delegating work is hard for you. How do you find someone you trust, who will listen and understand your needs? Endless revisions can be such a time suck and it’s really just easier to do it all yourself.

I’ve talked to my clients and conducted market research and I’ve found a few patterns. They worry that a designer:

  • Will upsell instead of listening to their needs
  • Won’t communicate clearly
  • Will try to force them into a one-size-fits-all approach

I understand that struggle, and I do my best to address my client’s needs through:

  • Customizable services
  • No payment due until the first set of design concepts is presented
  • No-obligation Discovery Sessions

My designs aren’t the best solution for every potential client. If I get that sense that your needs will be better served by another solution or designer, I’ll refer you to them. No BS, no confusion. Total transparency from start to finish.

What My Clients Have to Say

“Since the website launched I’ve had an uptick in leads and returning clients. I believe the design is a really good representation of my brand – for example, Jenn took my logo and brought it to life in each part of the site. She also pulled out core messages that had seem orphaned on my previous site.”

Paul GaskellOwner of On N Up Coaching

“When it was time to rebrand my business, I knew a self-made logo wasn’t going to cut it… Jenn knocked my logo design out of the park with her second round of designs. I was ecstatic that she could take my vague request and create something that fit my brand to a tee! Jenn was amazingly easy to work with, and I’m looking forward to working with her again on future projects.”

KelliCaptain of Even Keel Ops

“Jenn took care of our website, business cards and social media designs. It’s been an awesome experience to work with a great professional like Jenn who was always ready to share her experience and run the extra mile for our business. I highly recommend Jenn Wells Design.”

Olivier NoëlCEO at ETOS Consulting

“Jenn… really helped me bring my ideas and art to life on my website. She listened to what I wanted and was super patient, extremely knowledgeable, and explained all of my options on what my website could be.”

Deanna ZionsDeanna Zions’ Art

Let’s plan your branding strategy!

Each project starts the same way – with a brainstorming session. Book yours now to talk business, goals, and possible design strategies.