Graphic, Print & Web Design

for Entrepreneurial Go-Getters who Want to Make an Impact

The Mission

Creating Identities for Entrepreneurial Go-Getters who Want to Make an Impact

Are you a non-profit, politician, or small business owner? Is your focus on helping other people either through your work or with the proceeds? I want to work with you!

Your Goals = My Goal

My goal is to brand your business in a way that expresses your voice and supports your goals.

Little Bit of Backstory

As you may have guessed, Jenn Wells Design is the baby and brainchild of Jenn Wells. It's been around since 2011, when I started it as a side gig while I was finishing up college and working a P/T. The evolution of the company could be said to look a little something like this: I want to be an entrepreneur -> I want to work with other entrepreneurs -> I want to work with other entrepreneurs who share my personal values.

Inclusiveness. Integrity. Giving Back.

In case you were wondering. Those values form the core of my business ethics manifesto, and they direct my business decisions. Your values might be entirely different, but I'd like to know that you have some and that you care how your organization impacts other people.

What's New?

We recently underwent a slight rebrand! Be on the lookout for more personality, more focus, and more promos! We also became a "we." For now, you'll still be communicating directly with me, Jenn, but I've finally added a couple members to the team.

Meet the Team

picture of Jenn Wells

Jenn Wells

I'm your friendly company founder and overly verbose content writer. I started my entrepreneurial journey at our local Delaware Technical & Community College and continued on to get a BS from Wilmington University. I've always been inspired by small business owners who make their own rules and I love that I can support other entrepreneurs with my business. When I'm not working on or in my business, I'm usually spending time with my dogs, my baby, or a good book. Favorite genres: self help, fantasy, or the latest YA dystopian book.


picture of Breena Kline

Breena Kline

Hi there! I am a designer based in Newark, DE enjoying my time working with Jenn on some great projects. I have been studying design for some time and finished schooling at Deltech a few years back. I love to implement my creativity and attention to detail in the many projects we create. When I am not working, I am taking care of my little family and doing some good ole hiking.


An unofficial member of the team, Kelli can be found over at Even Keel Ops but she's contributed so much to my business structure and outlook that it felt wrong not to include her!

picture of Kelli


Kelli has 17 years of administration and operations experience under her belt. She started Even Keel Ops to help creative business owners run the operations side of their business efficiently. She loves the feeling of relief her clients experience when she comes aboard to help. Kelli followed her dream of beach living a few years ago so when she's not working you can find her on the beach looking for seashells and watching the sunrise.