Turning Down a Client | As a service based business, how do you know when a client is a bad fit? Sometimes turning away clients is not only easier, it's better for your business | Jenn Wells Design

In the world of small business, it can seem almost criminal to send away a potential customer. And it can be all too tempting to accept work, any work, based on your financial needs rather than the project itself. But there are times when it’s better for everyone, including the client, when you don’t.

5 Reasons for Turning Down a Client

1. Different Financial Needs

Setting prices is a daunting task in its own right, but how do you handle customers that complain or haggle? It depends. If your price structure is flexible or you can cut costs in exchange for limiting services, you might be able to make it work. But in my personal experience, attempting to work for an amount that won’t adequately cover your time and expenses will only foster resentment. And that’s not a healthy working environment for you or the client.

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Deanna Zions's Art | The website design process for an artist's online portfolio from initial concepts to final site | Jenn Wells Design

The Client: Deanna Zions

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I am very excited to share this website with you! Deanna is a local Delaware artist and does some absolutely gorgeous things with antiques, cameos, and shadowboxes. Being lucky enough to know her personally, I had a head start with the project. For example: the color scheme was never anything but red, black and cream.

Artist Website Design Process

1. Design Options

Contrary to my typical approach, I was hesitant to make a logo, because I know Deanna has business cards, and a couple other branding pieces that I wouldn’t get to redo that have her name with different fonts and styles. So while I wanted to use fun, artsy fonts, I didn’t want anything that would obviously be a mismatch if, say, a different script font were used elsewhere.

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