Maria’s Italian Restaurant – Website Design Process

Maria's Restaurant Website and Logo Design Process | Jenn Wells Design
Maria came to me looking for a website design that would accomplish several needs:

  • Improved usability
  • Modern design
  • Responsive for mobile

Previous Website

Maria's Wesbite Before Screenshot
Already well-established, Maria’s Italian Restaurant did need to retain certain branding elements, so as to not confuse their customers. We chose to keep the color scheme, some visual elements, and a similar header/footer structure. Barring that, the rest was open for creativity!

The Logo

Maria’s did already have an established logo, but she was open to change so we played around with a few different ideas.

Colors, Fonts, and Graphics

Colors, fonts, and imagery inspiration for Maria's new logo

Like I mentioned earlier, we did want to keep the color scheme, so that part was easy.  Typically this part of the process is more of an inspiration board for me, so the client doesn’t usually see it.  I collected a range of fonts from friendly and informal to a little bit fancier, and the same with the graphics.  Maria knew she wanted a slightly classier feel to her branding, but it was very important to her to not lose that comfortable family feel, so I tried to capture both of those needs.

First Round

First round of design ideas for Maria's new logo

This is a screenshot of my workspace (which is typically Illustrator).  These first drafts range from a slightly more formal version of what they had already to some much simpler and clean options.  We worked and revised it quite a bit until we homed in on what Maria was looking for.  Since this process was happening at the same time as the website, I’ll show them both together at the end.

Website Design Ideas

First round of ideas for Maria's new website design

The first drafts, again, were meant to capture a range, from most similar to the current design (on the left) to most modern (on the right).  Maria ended up somewhere in between, and we also made it a point to set up a layout that would transfer well into mobile.

Final Website & Logo

Maria's Italian Restaurant final website design | Jenn Wells Design
View site here: www.Maria’

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