Mosho Investigative Group Website Design Process | The design process for a private investigator website from initial concepts to final site development | Jenn Wells Design

The Client: Mosho Investigative Group

Mosho Investigative Group needed a new website design. The old one was outdated and incomplete, and MIG’s owner was looking for something that would better showcase his services. He was also looking for a more professional feel, the ability to handle future maintenance on his own, and a method to create password-protected pages.

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Graphic Design Feedback: a How To | Things that are useful and not so useful when giving feedback to your graphic designer | Jenn Wells Design

While admittedly a self-serving one, the topic of graphic design feedback is one that benefits everyone. And it’s not about being nice, though obviously we appreciate that! It’s about the kind of constructive feedback that accurately conveys your intention.

Let’s start with some things that aren’t helpful.

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