Why You Need a Website | Websites are fast becoming a requirement. You need a website to build community, credibility, advertise, and provide information to your clients | Jenn Wells Design

This is a difficult post to write because it seems so intuitive to me. But I realize not everyone thinks or uses technology or even runs a business the same way. So let’s talk about the value of websites.

1. Websites Give You Credibility

I hate that this is my number one reason but it really is. It’s not compelling, it’s not a promise of guaranteed clients, or even guaranteed interaction from potential customers. But you still need to look like a legitimate business. And, these days, that involves a website and at least one social media page – preferably Facebook.

Speaking as a customer and not a designer, the first thing I do when I hear a business recommendation from a friend is to look it up online. If they don’t have a website, oftentimes I won’t go there. This is both because I’m looking for one central place to find the answers to my questions (location, hours, services, etc) and because not having a website makes it feel like that business doesn’t know what its doing.

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Lifestyle Business: a Different Take on Work/Life Balance | Do you live to work or work to live? | Jenn Wells Design

Work to live or live to work?

How would you answer that question?

Most work to live proponents ignore career pursuits in favor of a fulfilling personal life. They may dislike or even hate their job, but it pays the bills and allows them to pursue their personal goals, so it doesn’t matter.

Those who live to work love their jobs. They may have fallen into their dream job, found their passion, or have a case of workaholism. Whatever the case, works takes total precedent and personal life happens when there’s extra time for it.

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