November News, Tips, & Reads

Hello, hello, hello!  It’s approaching the end of the month and since I kaputzed the enewsletter, I’ll be sharing November news, book recommendations, things I learned, and fun articles here instead.

Business Sneak Peek

We’ve got a few changes over at Jenn Wells Design.  And, for the sake of transparency, I’ll be doing monthly updates instead of having things pop up all over the website without explanation.

1) A New Team Member!

Breena Kline portrait
This is Breena, the second-ever member of the JWD team, but hopefully the first of many!  Breena will be joining me out at networking events, and starting to take on some of the social and communications work in the business, as well as continuing to design behind the scenes.  Get to know Breena better on our about page!

2) New Services

We’re working on reorganizing our services a bit.  The branding packages first developed as a way to simplify things for my clients.  Now we’ve been running them for the better part of the year and I can tell which services you all find useful and which are never requested.  So we’ll be dumping the latter and recombining some of the former.  Expect a new branding package focused on events and tradeshows in January!

3) Business Reorganization

We have grown so much in the past year and, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t always tidy!  Now we’re stepping back to make sure that the customer service aspect of the business is keeping pace with that growth.  Most of this is behind the scenes, so you won’t even notice it, but you can expect to see:

  • More in-depth conversations at the beginning of projects
  • Discussion of goals, strategy, and analytics

Book cover for Essentialism

Book Review: Essentialism

Think minimalism for business and activities.  Such good insights for how to pare down and focus on the truly important.  It’s all about reaching for great instead of good, even when that means making hard choices.  I highly recommend for anyone who feels disorganized, frustrated, or chaotic.

In November, I learned…

  1. White Space is Key – Not just as a graphic design element, but incorporating white space into your business and life.  It’s so easy to just keep going, going, going on one task after another, but when I give myself some down time to plan, organize, or just think – things get a little magical.
  2. Yes, I Still Need Sleep! – I’ve been continually learning this lesson since having a baby in the beginning of the year.  But yes, in the beginning of this month I let myself get super sleep deprived, and I wasn’t just unhappy – I was falling behind in all my projects, too.  Surprise, surprise, after getting my 8 hours a few nights in a row I’m now able to work faster and more efficiently and the same workload doesn’t seem at all daunting.
  3. Mindset Matters – I did a Facebook Live on this topic, but I’ve been dipping my toe into the mystical world of manifesting.  I remain, and probably always will be, a skeptic BUT the positive attitude that goes along with it is a little addicting.  It’s not just fun to say, “I know I’ll meet my goals this month!” it’s also a great way to strip away worry, fear, and self-doubt, which are all unpleasant time-wasters anyway.

Favorite Reads

I love anything tailored towards my personality type and Denise nails it on the head as far as business and introverts.

Are you gearing up for goals and business planning for 2018?  Me too, and Hailey has a great breakdown for getting your content schedule prepped and ready.

Speaking of the new year, are you ready for the end of this one?!!!  Check out this Holiday Planner from Hello Peaceful Mind.

I have been religiously pinning everything Steph has shared this year, and this article was no different: 10 Tips for a Satisfying Life.

Saying no is hard!  I’ve gotten much better at it in the past year or so, but I always appreciate a good how-to.

I’m not 100% sold that “finding your passion” is absolutely necessary BUT these steps can be applied towards finding your niche in the business world as well.

Web designers know all about Google Analytics, right?  Well, let’s just say I’m working on it.  My business bestie, Kelli, on the other hand is kicking butt with this analytics thing and she’s helping all of us figure it out, too.

P.S. The new Brandon Sanderson book is out.  Fellow fantasy nerds, rejoice!

How has November treated you?  Anything new and exciting in your business?  Or maybe just a really good book? (Recommendations, please!)

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  1. Holly Hanna says:

    Thanks for linking to my article, much appreciated! And congrats on your first hire — that’s so exciting!

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