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Ahhh, the end of January and the end of many people’s New Years Resolutions. I didn’t make any specific resolutions because I’m feeling pretty good about my goal system from last year, but I don’t buy into the “resolutions are bad – goals are where it’s at” hype. In my mind they’re the same thing, except that goals are a little more flexible. Other people have their own definitions. It’s fascinating how each person can have a slightly different take on the same concept, but I think the ultimate goal is the same for all of us – to improve our lives and ourselves!

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Business Sneak Peek

If you missed the announcement, I got the poll results for which charity to donate my end-of-year proceeds to and the Nurse-Family Partnership won! I also did a Facebook Live on high-impact philanthropy and how I chose the charities I included in my poll, which you can watch below.

This was also the first year that I fully implemented an annual check-in for my social and website analytics and built out a content strategy for next year. I tend to rely a little more heavily on face-to-face networking than social media for client outreach, but I’m not going to give up on social and it’s a relief to have a plan to follow rather than winging it every week. I also finished my last coaching session with Paul from OnNUp Coaching (who has been a godsend the last few months), and I have new goals for this quarter that I’m very excited about. Being an optimization junkie, all this goal and organization stuff fills my heart with glee.

Book cover The E-Myth Revisited

Book Review: The E-Myth Revisited

Such a good read!!! This book talks about the reasons small businesses fail, the different stages and dangers of each, why franchising is a good model to follow even for a small business, and how to build out systems that will keep you running smoothly as you expand. It was a timely recommendation for me, as I was guilty of considering many of the actions the author warns against in an attempt to “stay small” that ultimately end up stagnating a business. So if you see some changes and expansions happening in this area in the next few months, you’ll know where the inspiration came from!

Top Tips

This is the part where I remind you that I’m not an expert at everything, but I did learn a few things this month.

  • We usually see options as binary. “I can do X or Y.” Quite frequently they’re not and if we think outside the box, we can often find a solution or compromise that falls somewhere in between. (Credit to Paul for this – see top paragraph)
  • There are Add-Ons for Google Drive. For example, I just set up Forms Publisher, which takes my clients’ responses to a form questionnaire and make a separate document for each one, instead of stacking each new set of responses into one single Excel sheet. This allows me to more easily view the answers inline with the questions AND I can save each client’s responses in their folder with their other files.
  • Many people prefer to learn one-on-one from someone they know. No matter what your skill set, you can probably figure out a way to package some of your knowledge in a teachable (and sellable!) format. More on that next month!

Favorite Reads

Lots of blog posts about the latest Facebook algorithm changes, but Cara Chace’sĀ strategy updates made the most sense to me.

Even more ways to simplify my life? Please and thank you!

I’m all about branding, but I sometimes wonder if we’re taking it too far. How do you feel about personal branding?

Confession: I stole this format of link sharing from Sarah at Yes and Yes. Her Web Time Wasters are my oasis in the dearth of blog posts that is the weekend.

Color palettes!!! <3 <3 <3

In a world of perfect Instagram pics and helpful listicles, it’s refreshing to read an honest parenting blog.

How was your January? Did you set New Year’s Resolutions and, if so, how are you doing with them? What did you learn this month?

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