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Does Race Have a Place in Marketing?

  I recently read an article from ProPublica explaining why they “had to” buy racist ads. After my initial reaction, it ended up being a really eye-opening look at the marketing segmentation options on Facebook. Did you know Facebook allows you to select custom audiences for ads and promoted posts? Makes sense – an ad […]

When You Don’t Need a Website

I wrote before about why you need a website. But… honesty compels me to write this follow up and confess. There are a few, very, very occasional situations in which I would NOT recommend someone create a website. Gasp! Diving right in. You Don’t Need a Website If…


Business vs “Busy-ness”

Everyone is busy. It always shocks me when I come across someone who seems to think “busy” is a novel way to answer the question, “How have you been?”  We’re slowly becoming aware of the drawbacks of being constantly busy, but it’s still often seen as a badge of honor.  It makes us feel important, […]