Education Beyond the Ordinary - An Interview with Summer Collab Founder Catherine Lindroth | Jenn Wells Design

An electric thrill fills the gymnasium as the sounds of drumming begin and children’s excited giggles subside. Students performing on anything from drums to overturned buckets pound out a beat as their classmates dance, and the audience watches, proud and enraptured.

This is what a Tyler’s Camp graduation ceremony looks like.

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Education, Support, & Advocacy - An Interview with Jenn Seo of Mental Health Association in Delaware

When a celebrity dies from suicide, memes go out, people share resources, and everyone tries to be more aware of mental health. For a little while…

Then we go on with our lives and forget about it. But when a friend or loved one is suffering from a mental illness, it’s both more difficult to forget and more difficult to know what to do. People also suffer from the stigma our society places on mental illness, and from the isolating feeling that no one will understand.

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Business Ethics Interview with Olivia Brinton | An interview with the owner of Little Goat Coffee Roasting to talk about business ethics and the challenges of running an ethical business | Jenn Wells Design

“Capitalism isn’t ethics based.”

– Olivia Brinton, co-founder of Little Goat Coffee Roasting Co.

I interviewed Olivia because I wanted to get to know ethical business owners, and learn how they incorporate their personal values into their business models. Besides being insanely quotable, Olivia was knowledgeable, insightful, and had some tips for other entrepreneurs who want to build ethical foundations for their businesses.

Like our conversation, I’d like to start this post at the very beginning…

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