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The Client: On N Up Coaching

If I had to do an elevator pitch for Paul, I would say, “Running a business, working with a team, and finding a new job are all drastically different segments of professional life. But they have one thing in common: transition. Business owners, coworkers, and job seekers all need to be able to adapt to change. If they want to make the most of their lives, they need to take it a step further and optimize change. Paul helps professional people to do just that – adapt to and optimize times of transition in their lives.”

In other words, Paul is a business coach. And he needed his coaching website to reflect the reassurance and encouragement his clients seek from him.

Initial Concepts: Website Redesign

I’m already kicking myself for not taking a screenshot of Paul’s previous site. Since I didn’t I’ll have to describe it and hope you get the picture. Aesthetically, the old site wasn’t bad, but it had some issues with mobile responsiveness and the navigation was unclear. A big part of Paul’s social strategy involves blogging and his blog posts weren’t emphasized, nor were they easy to access. Stylistically, I decided to stick with the color and style since they matched Pauls’ logo and the company feel he wanted, but we decided to modernize it a bit and really overhaul the user experience.

Branding Elements: Colors, Fonts, & Graphics


On N Up Coaching branding elements

The stage of the process went pretty quickly, since we already had a logo to reference for style elements.  In addition to Paul’s blue and green, I added a dark taupe to be a neutral and easy-to-read color for body copy on the site. I specifically avoided grey, because only cool colors can get a little cold, which I didn’t feel was a good representation of what coaching is all about. I also warmed up the palette with earthy, brown tones in the graphics we used for the site.

Design Process: Coaching Website


On N Up Coaching website design ideas

We put together 3 initial concepts for Paul. All focused on clean, open space and attractive graphics.

Business coach website design for On N Up Coaching


Then we mixed and matched a few things and revised it down to one final version.

Final Website Design & Social Media Branding


Business coach website design for On N Up Coaching

After solidifying the design, we discussed website strategy and content. The home page emphasizes the primary call to action (sign up for email updates), and also includes services, a little preview of the coaching process, and Paul’s latest blog posts.

Business coach social media header design for On N Up Coaching


For his social media branding, I focused on the concepts of self improvement and collaboration. I pulled one of the images from On N Up Coaching’s home page and combined it with the logo and tagline.

View the live site at!