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The Client: ETOS Consulting

I met Olivier, the founder of ETOS Consulting, at a networking event a little while back. (See? Networking does pay off!) This relationship has been amazing for me, because without even intending to, Olivier has given me ideas for better structuring and organizing my business from day 1.

Also from the beginning, Olivier was very clear and consistent about what he wanted: a clean, modern design for his consulting brand. Professional but unique enough to be eye-catching. Quite frequently professionalism is associated with the tried-and-true, so we had to toe a fine line between creative and traditional.

Initial Concepts: Word Maps & Sketches

For this project, I went all the way back to basics and started with a word map. Sadly, I did not keep this long enough to take a photo, but I listed the things a consulting company can do for their clients:

  • Provide direction
  • Assist growth
  • Build a support base

I then doodled all the imagery that could represent those things:

  • Compass, steering wheel, North star
  • Tree, sapling, branches
  • Building blocks, geometric shapes

Branding Elements: Colors, Fonts, & Graphics

The primary color (orange) was set from the beginning. Olivier actually told me he had painted an accent wall in his office this shade. Since it complemented the feel we had discussed, there was no reason not to roll with it. I did get a little flexible with my definition of “grey” to go with it.


Initial color swatches and fonts for the logo design process for ETOS ConsultingFor fonts, I went mostly sans serif. Very clean, very modern, and more “tech company” than “banking.” Any additional graphic elements were all involved with the text in some way. A road through an “O” or some leaves sprouting out. And in a couple the concept of “building blocks” was portrayed through the shapes of the letters themselves.

Design Process: Consulting Logo, Website, & Business Cards

Logo Design

Initial logo design options for ETOS Consulting

I came up with a few different options, using the concepts that translated well to logos. (Some never do – I keep trying to use puzzle pieces and I have yet to figure out a way to make it work.)


Logo design for ETOS Consulting in orange, green, and grey with leaves around the "O"

After a couple revisions, we refined the logo down to this one, which I love! Then we moved onto website design.

Website Design

This was definitely a challenge, as Olivier had some definite ideas about things he liked or didn’t like. Duotone images, asymmetric elements, and “not like every other website.” We were definitely going to be using the WordPress platform, in order to allow the ETOS team to handle future edits, but it couldn’t look “WordPress-y.”

ETOS Consulting website design options | Jenn Wells Design

After taking a look at these 3 options, Olivier went with #3 and made only small alterations. He was also much more involved with the content design on the additional pages, which was great! We ended up with some really creative and interesting ideas – lots of imagery, and interactive numbers.

Website design for ETOS Consulting with unique navigation and chart graphic


Business Card Design

After getting the website set up and running ETOS through a WordPress tutorial, the next logical step was business cards! I came up with a few different options, based on the paper type and finish we had discussed (matte, no trim).

Initial concepts for business cards for ETOS Consulting

And we reworked it a bit to end up with this.

Business card design for ETOS Consulting with logo, orange stripe, and leaf watermark pattern


We’ve actually got a few additional projects in the works for ETOS, so look for those popping up on the website soon!  And check out the live website here.