Delcollo for Delaware | Design process for a politician's campaign brand from logo to signs and billboard | Jenn Wells Design

The Client: Delcollo for Delaware

Recently, I’ve had the great pleasure to meet, and work with, a new face in the world of politics. Anthony Delcollo is running for State Senate, and came to me for a logo and campaign branding back in the summer.

I’ve been lucky enough that so far in my work, I’ve believed deeply in the cause for every one of my clients. Choosing to work with entrepreneurs and small businesses has been amazing, in that every project I do helps someone to go after their dream. I wasn’t sure if that same passion would carry over into doing political work, but I needn’t have worried. Anthony Delcollo is as passionate and inspired about his vision as any of my other clients.

As I said, Delcollo is starting fresh, and his team came to me to build their brand and start promoting their message. I’ve actually used this project as the example as my print branding case study, but I’ll walk you through it in a little more depth here.

Politician Campaign Branding Process

1. Initial Planning


Initial colors and fonts for the Delcollo for DE logo design process

Delcollo’s campaign manager is super organized and efficient, which makes my job easy.  She called me and gave me some very definite ideas for the concept behind their logo.  They were looking for something that focused on Delaware, and wanted to utilize the state outline, colors, and possibly use “D” as a design element.

2. Initial Logo Ideas


Initial logo concepts for Delcollo for DE

I put together several different versions, and they chose the one they liked best.  After a couple rounds of revisions, we had a final look everyone was happy with.

Logo design for Anthony Delcollo in blue and gold with the Delaware outline

3. Final Product and Promotional Pieces


Campaign materials for Delcollo for Delaware including business cards, a billboard, door knockers, and yard signs

We’ve been running full steam with it!  After the logo, we designed business cards, door knocking literature, t-shirts, signs, and even a few billboards.  I have to say, I’m looking forward to seeing my work from the highway.


Social media graphic for Anthony Delcollo announcing his campaign win

Anthony won his race! You can follow along with his activities in office on the official Delcollo Facebook page.