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Ready to hit the campaign trail? Or maybe you're a dedicated networker. Either way, the print branding package is ideal for politicians, brick-and-mortar business owners, and anyone else looking to make face-to-face connections.

This package includes:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design & Print (up to 250)
  • Mailer/Postcard Design
  • Service Brochure Design (trifold, z-fold, etc)


$1,235 Value

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Delcollo for Delaware logo

Case Study: Candidate for State Senate

The Client: Anthony Delcollo, Delcollo for Delaware

The Challenge:

  • Campaign for state senate office
  • Republican in a traditionally Democratic state
  • Strong opponent (25+ year incumbent)
Recognizable D shape from Delcollo logo

Step 1) Strong Brand

Anthony and his campaign manager knew they wanted something that focused on Delaware, rather than politics in general. So we used blue and gold instead of red, white, and blue, and we incorporated the state outline into the first letter of Delcollo. The logo is clean, easy to understand at a glance, and recognizable.

Billboards, door knockers, business cards, and signs from the Delcollo campaign

Step 2) Consistency

In politics more than anywhere else, you are your brand. So with everything we designed for Anthony, his photo was front and center. Anthony also presented a very strong presence, making himself visible through a combination of billboards, door-to-door campaigning, events, and social media.

Delcollo social media campaign

Step 3) Differentiation

With such a close race, it was imperative that Anthony make it clear what his strengths were and how he differed from the incumbent. He finished with a strong social media campaign highlighting those strengths and reminding voters what his values are.

Delcollo victory graphic


  • A victorious campaign!
  • A more evenly balanced state government than the past 40 years.
In the Client's Words...

"Having the opportunity to work with Jenn Wells for our political campaign has been a blessing. Jenn is very creative and dedicated: two key qualities needed for an amazing design. She was very responsive to what we needed, and produced work in a time efficient manner. I was impressed with her professionalism and patience as we worked through many different projects that needed a quick turnaround. I would, and have already, recommend Jenn Wells to other people needing design work. I look forward to working with Jenn on future projects."
-Renee Mosley, Campaign Manager for Delcollo for Delaware