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Design Process

Want to know what's going on behind the scenes? The typical workflow looks a little something like this.

Discovery session icon Design process step 1

Discovery Session

Let's talk about you! In this no-obligation discussion, we'll chat via phone or video call about your organization's goals and brainstorm solutions and strategies to help reach them.

Paperwork icon Design process step 2


Hooray! You've decided to commit to working together. The only downside is having to wade through legalese for contracts. Don't worry, though - I've kept the terms as simple and non-jargon-y as possible.

Client homework icon Design process step 3

Client Homework

Wait - what??? The contract wasn't homework enough? Newp - we are just getting started and there are a few more things I need to know about your design project. I'll send you a questionnaire or two to get you thinking about target audience, project goals, and metrics to measure success.

Design concepts icon Design process step 4

Design Concepts

Breathe a sigh of relief - you've finished the hard part! Now it's our turn to do some "homework" as we research target market, competition, and design specs. Then we'll typically do some concept work with word maps and sketches, and finally create the 3 ideas that we present to you.

Revisions icon Design process step 5


Hopefully you're loving your design options so far but if not, we can fix that! I'll ask some questions to get you thinking about the designs from the viewpoint of your audience. Then you can request small tweaks, mix and match between designs, or request something more specific to your vision.

Approval and payment icon Design process step 6

Approval & Payment

Whoop, whoop! You've fallen in love with your final design and are ready to take it home and make it a part of your life forever. You approve the design, I send the invoice, and then...

Final design icon Design process step 7

Final Design Delivered

It's all yours, baby! This looks different for each type of project - if it's a website, then this is the stage where I set up your hosting account and launch the site. For print designs, I'll make a Dropbox folder and provide print-ready files. And so on.

Effectiveness assessment icon Design process step 8

Effectiveness Assessment

Did you think we were done? Not so fast! The final step is to revisit your design after 1-6 months and analyze your results. Are your clients loving your new brand? Are you getting web traffic? Have you gotten any sales/donations/leads from that promo? And if not, what can we do to fix that?