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How does this work?

Unless you have a particular preference, typically I work digitally and off-location. We might have an initial call or meeting to hash out the details, I'll explain my design process, and from there on out everything can be handled through the client portal. I use Trello for this but if you don't need project updates and email is easier, that works as well.

What does the design process look like?

It's always a little bit different, obviously, but typically we'll start with a consultation where we discuss your business needs. I'll try to help you brainstorm solutions for your business and you'll decide which design formats make sense for you. Then I'll ask questions about colors, fonts, your target market, and printing specifications. I'll send over a couple of ideas and from there, we'll work together to shape one, or a combination of them, into the design you want.

What is your turn-around time?

My "business" hours are Wednesday-Sunday. Initial designs take 4-5 business days and revisions will typically take 48-72, depending on complexity.

Why do I need a contract?

I typically only require contracts for first time clients. I use them to ensure that everything is communicated as clearly as possible and that we're on the same page. It also helps sometimes to refer back to if questions come up later.

What do all these terms mean?

Legalese isn't my specialty either and I wrote my contracts myself because I wanted them to be as easy to read as possible. To sum up: I won't sue you. You won't sue me. You own the rights to your project, but I get to use it in my portfolio and I ask that you not resell it as your own design. Not too complicated!

Do I have to pay money down?

Creative work is such a subjective field that I hate to force anyone to put money on a project they haven't even seen. My policy is more of a compromise: no money up front, but half down once the first design draft has been approved and we're moving on to the revisions stage of the process. Currently required only if your project exceeds $250.

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