Content Marketing Rates & Services

Marketing Strategy

What is a marketing strategy? If you thought “content calendar” you’re not wrong. But it’s so much more than just what to post on which days. Strategy starts with setting goals that make sense, figuring out which metrics will determine success, and then mapping out several different pieces that work together to achieve those goals.

Marketing strategy services include:

  • Content Calendar
  • Tools & Platforms Configuration
  • SWOT & Competitor Analysis
  • Brand & Content Audits

Event Promotion

You’ve planned an amazing event, but you’re not sure how to get people to attend! I will work with you to set up simple event registration, share your event far and wide, and do a full analysis of which promotion efforts worked and which were lackluster, so you can keep improving each year.

Event promotion services include:

  • Event Registration Setup
  • Event Listings Management
  • Social Media Posts & Ads
  • Email Promotion
  • Live Social Media Coverage
  • Follow-Up Survey & Email
  • Analytics Report & Strategy Updates

“Jenn has created effective social media strategies. She has followed through by creating insightful graphics to promote events to perfectly timed posts. With Jenn on board, we’ve sold out events, brought awareness to new and old companies, and highlighted the impactful work of non-profits.”

Nikki StoutDirector of Marketing Technology at Tapp Network

Content Creation

Content is king! Or, in plain English, give people something they want and they’ll come back. Creating content means coming up with social media that people engage with, emails and blog posts that get read, workbooks and guides that get downloaded. It’s the art of getting inside your target audience’s mind and then writing something that they’ll find valuable, entertaining, and/or informative.

Content creation services include:

  • Blogging
  • Writing & Designing Emails
  • Creating Social Media Posts & Graphics
  • Creating Content Downloads
  • Setting Up Landing Pages & Forms

Content Management

So you’ve got tons of beautiful blogs and social media posts flowing out into the world. It seems like people like them, but… now what? This is where you need to have someone actively managing that content to see how well it’s doing!

Content management services include:

  • Scheduling Social Media, Emails, and Blog Posts
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting (Website, Social Media, Email)
  • Quarterly Reports & Strategy Updates

Not sure which is the best fit?

Each project starts the same way – with a brainstorming session. Book yours now to talk business, goals, and possible marketing strategies.