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I believe in purposeful design. Everything that is created has a point to make and an audience to make it to. With that in mind, I place everything into one of 5 categories.

Branding | Education | Promotion | Publication | Web Design & Development

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Monthly Promos!

As an entrepreneur, I am passionate about doing all I can to support other small business owners. I'll work with you to solve your startup design needs, while keeping it within your budget. Which is why I’m offering a 25% discount on your promotional print design. (Not applicable for branding packages)


The term "branding" is most often applied to logos. In actuality, branding is about every piece designed for a company, because they all come together to create the image or style for that business. It's important to think carefully about what feel a business wants to portray to their customers before getting started. Then the first few pieces should be built cohesively until a look has been established.


While data can be conveyed by a bar graph, or standard pie chart, it packs more punch with a graphic specifically designed to enhance the information conveyed. This can be done using images in place of standard chart elements, or by designing the entire graphic as one large image. Either way, added visual interest gives the graphic a better chance of being read and remembered.


This is where graphic design and marketing come together. This includes any material that will be sent out to or viewed by potential customers with the intent to make a sale. Approaches range from magazine ads to mailers, but they all have the same goal.

Web Design & Development

Web design is an area that is rapidly expanding in many directions. Whether it's a custom site tailored to your business, or a simple, templated site with a content management system, many businesses are seeing the potential of having a website, being involved in social media, and utilizing web ads. And that's just scratching the surface!