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If you heard the term “branding” and immediately thought of logos, you’re not wrong! But there’s a lot more to branding than just a logo. Your branding consists of every element that makes up your public image, from voice to visuals.

At Jenn Wells Design, we design our logos within the context of your brand. The process includes:

  1. We start by sending you a couple questionnaires to learn more about your organization’s identity, target market, and marketing preferences
  2. Then we research your industry, competitors, and target market
  3. After collecting information, it’s time to do some concept brainstorming
  4. And finally create and send you a few logo concepts
  5. After revisions and finalizing a logo, we’ll put together a branding guide with color codes and fonts, so that you can maintain consistency in future designs

Other branding services include:

  • Branding Guide – if you already have a logo but need guidance on maintaining brand consistency
  • Social Media Branding – to promote your brand across multiple channels
  • Icon/Image Set – up to 10 images or icons to use on your website or print designs

Price Range: $135 – $750

“When it was time to rebrand my business, I knew a self-made logo wasn’t going to cut it… Jenn knocked my logo design out of the park with her second round of designs. I was ecstatic that she could take my vague request and create something that fit my brand to a tee! Jenn was amazingly easy to work with, and I’m looking forward to working with her again on future projects.”

KelliCaptain of Even Keel Ops

“Jenn is very creative and dedicated: two key qualities needed for an amazing design. She was very responsive to what we needed, and produced work in a time efficient manner. I was impressed with her professionalism and patience as we worked through many different projects that needed a quick turnaround.”

Renee MosleyCampaign Manager for Delcollo for Delaware

“Since the website launched I’ve had an uptick in leads and returning clients. I believe the design is a really good representation of my brand – for example, Jenn took my logo and brought it to life in each part of the site. She also pulled out core messages that had seem orphaned on my previous site.”

Paul GaskellOn N Up Coaching

“Jenn took care of our website, business cards and social media designs. It’s been an awesome experience to work with a great professional like Jenn who was always ready to share her experience and run the extra mile for our business. I highly recommend Jenn Wells Design.”

Olivier NoëlCEO at ETOS Consulting

“…I was unsure what the whole process would look like. Jenn turned out to be very easy to work with and held my hand throughout the whole process. Overall I’m very pleased with the finished product (two websites and a set of logos). I’ll definitely be working with her in the future for my next endeavor.”

John MatthewsCEO of Enveste Real Estate

Not sure which is the best fit?

Each project starts the same way – with a Discovery Session. Book yours now to talk business, goals, and possible design strategies.