DIY Design

If your primary constraint is budget and you have the time and the will to teach yourself design, this page is for you!

Branding, Print, and Websites, Oh My!

To figure out the best products to help people manage their own design, I thought about what types of products my clients have tried to DIY and where they’ve struggled. Branding is always a popular topic at networking events, print design is something people often ask for the ability to edit on their own, and WordPress websites are totally manageable once you get past the learning curve.

With a little bit of research, and some perseverance, anyone can throw together a logo or a flyer. But the thing people often miss (and the trademark of my brand) is the strategy behind those designs. Your brand is not just a piece of clip art, some color swatches, and your company name typed out in a font. It’s the whole look and feel of your company, the way you interact with your audience, and the way your audience perceives you. There’s a whole series of steps to follow to make sure that your brand will appeal to the right people.

Over the last couple years, I’ve put together strategic processes to make sure all my designs accomplish something for my clients other than just looking pretty. I can’t necessarily give you all the skills that come with experience and a college degree, but I can definitely give you a jump start into creating your own designs. All the DIY Design kits aim to help you create something that is both aesthetically appealing and goal-accomplishing.

Coming Soon…

Ultimately, there will be 3 types of content available: Branding Kits, Print Design Kits, and Website Starter Kits.

These kits won’t just be a handful of color swatches or WordPress themes, oh no! My plan is to provide everything you need to build your brand, flyer, or website from scratch, even without a design degree.

I’m working hard on the first 3 branding kits now, with a plan to launch them on January 1st.

Branding kits will cover the emotional aspects of branding – target audience, differentiating your brand, etc. And the technical side – how to install fonts on your computer, using color codes, and basic design principles. I’m also going to include resource lists for practical things, like where to get free or inexpensive image editing software.

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