Hourly Design Work

So you’re looking at all these branding packages and the list of services and thinking, “That’s great, but what I really need is some edits to a PowerPoint and someone to save my logo in a larger size.”

We can do that, too!

How it Works

Hours are purchased in advance, in bundles. The more hours you purchase at once, the bigger the discount on those hours. You can track your hours to see what’s left and how they’ve been used through our client portal. We’ll update you at the halfway point and when you’re nearing the end. Hours are good for up to one year.


We have different rates for different services. When you combine this with different rates for different numbers of hour purchased, it can get a little confusing. Let’s start with the rates.

I need a…

  • Graphic Designer – $75/hour
  • Web Designer – $125/hour
  • Graphic Designer
  • $375 (5 hours)
  • $700 (10 hours)
  • $1,300 (20 hours)
  • Web Designer
  • $625 (5 hours)
  • $1,150 (10 hours)
  • $2,100 (20 hours)